Best 6 Women Armpit Hair Competition Photos

sexy girls armpit chinese

In China, there is a unique competition that showcase female armpit hair photos and upload to social network sites. China have social network similar to twitter themself, the name is Weibo. Weibo hold the competition and receive rave because 40 women have been participated. The competition took place during a month, begin on May 26 until June 26, 2015. 

Competition with hashtag #WomenArmpitHairCompetition attracted many people. The rule is, just send a photo exhibit of underarm hair and upload it to weibo social networking sites. 

The first idea for this was explained by Xiao Yue (26 Years Old). He wants the women in the world have the understanding if women would be still beautiful despite having underarm hair, without to shave it from their own body. 

To win the contest, the selected photo of the woman who is considered the most “character, beautiful and confident” while showing off her armpit. 

“Underam women have been considered obscene, unethical and not pretty, how could the armpit can make people so uncomfortable? Armpits hair can be appearance of woman looks beautiful, interesting, funny, sexy, serious, and change,” said Xiao Yue. 

The several photos of women who participated on the competition below:

women armpit hair competition

woman armpit hair

hot woman armpit hair